Cassandra Inglis

Sheet Harbour

Cassandra Inglis

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Cassandra Inglis is a textile artist and fabric nerd who loves to sew, silkscreen and hand paint on cloth. Since moving to Sheet Harbour from Truro in 2020, her focus has been on creating natural dyes and colour using plants. She is fearless when it comes to experimenting however working with natural material is a passion of hers. She is very environmentally conscious with everything she does. As such, she tries her best to use organic, non-toxic supplies as well as upcycles clothing and fabrics whenever possible. She is a sustainable, mad scientist and applies that approach to all textile arts projects in her home studio. She can often be found wandering her backyard or along roadsides picking wildflowers and weeds for use in her craft. Outside of her love for textile arts Cassandra is a vocalist and poet who enjoys the creative process more than anything.



Facebook: wildislandsstudio

Cassandra Inglis